Knowing Your Car


Today’s vehicles are much more complex and complicated than older cars and incorporate more computer electronics, silicon chips, and sophisticated engines. Even with all this new technology the same basic car care still applies to all kinds of vehicles, and can extend the life and durability of your car or truck.

Regular checks – Check your tires at least every other week to make sure they are inflated properly. Perform other visual checks as well including body and bumper damage, leaking fluids underneath the vehicle, smoke in vehicle exhaust and engine warning lights.

Changing the Oil – One of the most important things you can do to maintain your vehicle is to change the oil and oil filter regularly. Try to have it changed, at least every 5,000, including a new filter.

Battery – Batteries should be replaced every five years or so, and if your battery is not getting the proper charge to easily start your car, you should have it checked

Also Keep an eye on the following:

– Air Filter

– Headlight, turn signals, and brake lamps

– Spark plugs and cables

– Engine timing belt

– Windshield wipers

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