Buying a Used Car


Thinking of buying a new pre-owned car? There are several benefits for choosing a pre-owned car over a new one and we have outlined those below.

Price: The biggest advantage to buying a used car is going to be the price. Since the cost is lower you can afford ad on’s or to get a better model in the same car. You may even be able to find your dream car with just one previous owner, which will cut the cost significantly.

Registration Fees – These fees vary depending on each states. Typically a state DMV will charge less to register a used vehicle. Its just the way it works. Visit your local DMV to get the exact facts but chances are your used car bought will have lower fees associated with it.

Insurance -Used cars are just that used so when you decide to buy a used car you insurance rate on it will generally be lower.

Certified – Today, a lot of car dealerships have certification programs so that you can rest assure the used car you are buying is in good condition and you wont find any hidden issues once you drive off the lot. Ask about service guarantee and an extended warranties.

More Options – When you decide to buy a used car you usually open up your options. At a lower price you can look into nicer brands and model that you thought you wouldnt be able to afford.

If your in the market for a new used car please stop by today and let our knowledgeable staff help you find the right car.

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