How To Change A Tire


Life happens. There are times where your tire is disinflated and your stuck on the side of the road. Sure you can call the tow truck, but here is how you can change your tire.

1. Find a safe place to park – Turn your hazard lights on. Pull out of traffic, and find a firm, safe and stable surface to change your tire. Avoid hills to prevent your car from rolling.

2. Secure your vehicle – Before you change a flat, turn off your engine and engage the emergency or parking brake. Keep your car from rolling by placing a wheel chock or heavy rock behind the wheels opposite side of the car that’s being raised.

3. Get your Jack, Spare Tire and Tools – If you’ve never used your jack, spare tire and tools before, use your owner’s manual to check where it is located.

After you’ve found these essentials, we recommend you try them out and get familiar with how to use them, so you’re comfortable performing the next few steps in a crunch.

4. Loosen the Lug Nuts slightly–before jacking up your car –

-If your car has a wheel cover (hubcap), remove it first by using a screwdriver or the flat end of the jack handle or lug wrench. Note: On some cars, the wheel cover is held in place by the lug nuts. Leave this style cover on the flat wheel.

-Use the lug wrench to loosen the lugs nuts by turning the wrench counter clockwise. Hold the wrench firmly and push down. Never pull up on the wrench. If the nuts are too tight, use penetrating oil to loosen them or use your foot to push down on lug wrench.

-Loosen the lug nuts only one turn. Do not remove the lug nuts at this time.

5. Jack up your car – Consult with your owners manual for the best place to secure you jack. Follow these directions carefully! Crank your up to at least 6 inches, or however much is need to remove the flat tire. If you notice instability, lower your car to reposition your jack.

6. Remove the Lug Nuts and Wheel – Use the lug wrench to remove the nuts. Place the lug nuts where you won’t lose them like on the inside of your car door. Pull the wheel off and set it aside.

7. Remove the Flat – Remove the flat tire with both hands. Pull the tire towards you and place it under the car, just in case your jack is unstable and drops your car. If you have difficulty removing the tire due to rust, hit it with a rubber hammer or use a liquid penetrate to loosen the joints.

8. Put on the spare – Place your spare tire in front of the wheel well, align it with the wheel bolts, and then add your lug nuts. Turn the lug nuts clockwise by hand as tightly as possible. Then take your wrench and turn the bolt tight enough to secure the tire before lower it to the ground. Do not completely tighten.

9. Tighten Lug Nuts – Use the wrench to tighten the nuts following the sequence directed by your owner’s manual. If you do not have an owner’s manual put on the lug nuts in a shape of a star.

10. Lower your Car – Slowly lower your vehicle to the ground. Remove the jack and block. Tighten the nuts as much as possible, in proper sequence.

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