The Different Types of Truck Cabs

cab-styleWhen you’re shopping for a truck, you’ll probably notice some lingo among dealers with which you might not be familiar. Some vehicles are advertised as having a “crew cab,” while others are “double cab” or “extended cab,” and others do not mention these words at all.

What’s the difference? The space inside trucks with each different cab configuration will be divided a bit differently. Depending upon how you will be using your truck (personal vs. business) and whether you plan on having frequent passengers, you’ll need to select the truck cab that best fits your own lifestyle.

Regular Cab cab_regular
Of the three most common types, regular cab trucks generally have the least amount of inside space. They have a single row of seats, and there is no backseat at all. Since these trucks are smaller than other options and do not have nearly the capacity of an extended or crew cab, they are typically reserved for personal use by individuals who are either single or have very small families. Regular cabs are convenient if you don’t need a lot of space apart from the bed, but are not ideal for those who frequently ride with others or need to carry large amounts of cargo inside of the vehicle.

cab_extendedExtended Cab
Both words refer to the same thing. Extended cab trucks are larger than regular cabs in that they have a (rather small) backseat. In order to access the backseat, passengers will need to open small doors that are only exposed when the truck’s main doors are already opened. The extended cab is a good compromise for those who want more space than a regular cab provides but may not want to drive a larger crew cab. However, if you regularly have several passengers or otherwise use your backseat often, it can become annoying to have to open your front doors in order to reach the back.

Crew Cabcab_crew
The crew cab is the largest of the three types of trucks on the market today. A crew cab is similar to an SUV in that it has larger seats in the back that are accessed by their own full-sized doors. However, the crew cab is somewhat limited in that its bed is often shorter than that of an extended cab, in order to provide more room for the cab. By far the most expensive configuration, the crew cab is recommended for those who need a larger cab capacity or travel with others very often and don’t mind sacrificing a larger bed space.

Which one is right for you? Evaluate your needs and pick on that can fit your crew and gear in the best way for you.

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